Cubase 13 - Where is the "Return To Start Position On Stop"

Where is the “Return To Start Position On Stop” ??


Moved to the top cluster*** of a menu with everything else.

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Thanks !!


Thanks, I hadn’t found this either.

In fairness, it’s easier to toggle on and off from that menu than it was from preferences if you want to switch behaviour, depending on whether you’re tracking, editing glitches, mixing etc.

and also there is a key command for it


@steve Do you mean that there already is a key command, or you can set one up?

It would be nice if these changes were documented. Save a lot of stress, not to mention fewer of these kinds of threads,


Completely agree - there’s a “New Features” section at the start of the PDF manual, a “What’s changed since v12” section would be really helpful as well.

How about in key editor, I still find it annoying that it starts back to where I don’t want it to. Has it finally been resolved in C13?

There was nothing broken. Use the pref mentioned in the title of this topic.