Cubase 13 which Mac OS

Can we use The latest Mc, OS, Sonoma


Please, read the System Requirements…

macOS Ventura, macOS Monterey

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Has anyone tried it on Catalina, even though it’s not officially supported? Thanks

It would not install on my old Catalina machine.

Thanks for your answer. No upgrade for me then. I’m stuck with Catalina and my Apollo FW for now.

Has anyone tried to install C13 on Catalina?

I’ve installed C13 on Sonoma 14.1.
Last night after installation and rebooting, C13 kept crashing as soon as I tried to load a small C12 project. This morning, C13 has (so far) loaded and played C12 projects without a hitch.

The only thing I believe I changed is the following. After installation of C13 and the associated extra sounds, I kept getting messages that Cubase couldn’t find certain VST sounds. Not just the new ones, but quite a lot of the previously installed ones. I took this to be the recognised problem in Cubase on macOs that the download assistant and/or library assistant don’t always correctly recognise VST locations, and in this instance just double click on the relevant vet files and they will be correctly registered. I did this on a couple of VST files this morning.
I have no idea if this is causally linked but all I can say is for me, Sonoma 14.1 appears to be running C13 nicely.


If anyone finds an unofficial solution to forcing installation on Catalina then please do share here. Thanks!

If you have an older machine, and really would like to have Cubase 13, you can try the other way around: upgrade your machine to Monterey (or Ventura) using opencore.

Thanks for reply, but want to find out if at all possible on Catalina (though unsupported). Upgrading macOS isnt an option currently (yes I’m familiar with opencore).

I updated from Cubase 12 to 13 yesterday on Catalina. Absolutely no issues. I honestly just found out its only supported on Monterey. Mixing a song on it today, totally fine.

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I don’t have Cubase 13 yet, but Cubase 12 is installed and working on my Catalina MacBook Pro (and Cubase 12 is not supported on Catalina too, but works fine). Maybe it is the same with version 13.

Do you get an error message when trying to install Cubase 13?

After installing c13 , I’m on 13.7 , I also had a crash first time I open a projext , I think it’s linked to the Vst scan as well after that it’s been fine , I really want to upgrade to OS 14

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Thats great to hear. Im running C12 Pro on Catalina fine, but didn’t want to buy the upgrade if the install was blocked (going on prev comments on this thread). Did you have to do anything particular to update or was it plain sailing? Did you use Steinberg Download Assistant? Thanks!

Yes, I actually had a voucher since I purchased 12 last week. Downloaded it from Assistant, obviously took awhile to open upon first try (scanning Vst’s), but after that smooth sailing.

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Quick question for whoever can remember! I’m considering at least maybe going up one os from 10.15 to 11. What should I be ready for as far as VST’s go. Kontakt 7 is now 11 and up, as well as obviously Cubase. Upgrading to catalina was a pain in the a**, so i’m nervous to do it again!!

If you are going to update Mac OS, why not moving directly to Monterey? This will give you more years of compatibility than moving to Big Sur. If your machine can support Monterey without opencore, just do it!

I use Monterey on my Intel Mac mini, and it runs just fine.

Yeah, It does. It’s a 2019 trash can. I just couldn’t remember why most music producers wanted to stick with Catalina

I would just avoid Sonoma right now (too many unsupported and bugs for some audio software). But even Ventura maybe would work.

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Please, read the System Requirements. Officially are supported only macOS 12 and 13.