Cubase 14 modulation requests


I would really like to see Cubase evolve and learn from BITWIG and other DAWs.
The modulators on BITWIG make me very very jealous…
Steinberg has been at the forefront of midi and audio sequencing for so long, I hope they keep the edge!

It’s not a vocal chain plugin and a redesigned mixer window that’s going to make me want to upgrade to 13. The old mixer worked and there are lots of amazing free plugins so … Some other new features are cool but overall 13 feels like some stuff was added more than a true revamp.

I want a fully featured modulator functionality like in BITWIG for Cubase 14 then I will pay for the upgrade :smiley:

And please redesign the automation lane, when we open it to automate something from a plugin we should be able to ctrl click to open multiple lanes at once. Then apply modulators or draw automation.

Ideally this will make it easy to apply modulation to any VST synth or FX and help create tomorrow’s music.
I’m sure others will have strong ideas too. Big hopes for Cubase 14…