Cubase 14 wishlist

These are the features i would like to see in Cubase 14:

possibility to assign individual patterns for each chord pad

possibility to drag and drop these chord pad patterns directly in the arrangement

possibility to assign my own icons to my own samplefolders/midifolders to show up in mediabay

right click → detect tempo and pitch of an audiofile
also: detect tempo and pitch of a whole sequence of audiofiles (batch) and write this info in the audiofile

better audio to midi conversion, also for polyphonic audiomaterial, like melodyne can do.
What i do dream of: having a piano melody (audiofile) and cubase can convert this automatically into a correct midifile, including polyphony.


Oh, fine. Is this going to be the topic with 600 replies before C14 comes out?

  • ditch fixed zone concept (left, right, bottom) and allow a more flexible, user definable way (as it is possible in Halion )
  • allow real-time modulation of any VST parameter through stuff like LFO, envelope, RNG, etc.
  • introduce parts for automation events (parts are container that currently house either midi events or audio events); allow time stretching of these parts
  • Expression Maps: either get the developers of plugins to support automatic setup of Expression Maps (as is the case with Steinberg plugins) or significantly develop the editor
  • allow plugins of a signal chain to be viewed in one window; just copy the solution for this from any of your competitors

Customizable Attack (fade in) and Release (fade out) for starting and—respectively—stopping playback.

  1. Multi part CC editing/viewing.
  2. Better expression maps
  3. Midi Remote scripting made easier for touch screen devices.
    Setting up a button in a midi remote script that simply sends midi data (a program change, or cc or note on, etc.)
  4. making everything more stable. Less crashes etc.

You can already do this with MIDI Remote scripting. If you’re unsure how to, I suggest creating a new topic where I’m positive you’ll get the assistance you need.

Channel Metering on par with Logic (so VU, etc)

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When you Render in place, please have the option to allow send automation be carried over so that say when you select RIP with “channel settings” it should also have the option to copy over any send automation data much like ‘Dry (Transfer Channel Settings)’ does.

It’s a huge annoyance to manually have to copy over automation curves everytime I render vsts with lots of sends automation to audio. I can’t think of a single time when I wouldn’t want the send automation data copied over when rendering in place - especially using channel settings since I want to flatten ONLY the discretely selected channel itself with its own inserts to save CPU. All it does instead is have the send activated but no automation data on the newly created rendered track…

Doesn’t make sense from a workflow POV if you are constantly using RIP to do this.


Cubase 14 wishlist?
Fix Cubase 13.


I know this has been asked for in the past, but I would love to have the ability to write scripts in Cubase to automate common tasks.

For example, setting up 16 outputs from Maschine requires a number of steps that can easily be scripted. Without scripting, I have to do each step manually (and hope I don’t forget one) which wastes time when I have an idea I want to knock out.

I also agree with what was said above about allowing for more customization of the panel zones to setup Cubase to fit each person’s workflow.


I think the Project Logical Editor could be the perfect platform for this. Introduce an “Advanced” tab on it that would allow things like variables, loops and just being able to perform actions in Tracks/Parts/Events without having to have them selected first.


Fix C13, no new broken functions with next version.

  • fix flatten real time processing which mess up timing no matter the algo used.
  • option to choose all algos for variaudio.
  • fix vca channel losing its’ values upon reopening of project.
  • sandbox plugins so they don’t crash cubase.
  • fix batch flatten processing on multiple events which results in pops and whole parts broken.
  • option to place the cursor on clicked point on event (not only on empty space).

Have you tried a Macro a program for the scripting bit?

Macros and scripts are two quite different things. A macro strings together two or more commands. A script can use logic and operators. Like the MIDI Remote API.

Some third-party macro programs can be quite sophisticated. You might want to take a look at that. It could work. You never know.

I assumed you were talking about macros in Cubase.
What 3rd party macro programs are you thinking of? I am quite well versed with AutoHotKey (Windows only), if that’s the sort of programs you had in mind. Although a great application for many things, what we’re talking about is a scripting language that can access functions and parameters directly, much like the MIDI Remote API lets you do.
Imagine the PLE and MIDI Remote API scripting had a love child!

Expand macros by being able to carry an argument.
This way we could implement items that open a dialog without the need of additional user input.
For example I could open my favorite VSTi with one key stroke.
Or I could repeat a part 7 times as a shared copy.

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Well not sure about Windows, but there are some on the mac that folks build some insane applications with - Keyboard Mastero and there are some others.

You can do really super complex things involving multiple apps.

I’ve only used them for really basic text replacement things .

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AutoHotKey is like Keyboard Maestro on steroids.
I think you’re missing the point here. I’m asking for a scripting language that is integrated into Cubase and that exposes parameters and elements for direct manipulation. Similar to how the MIDI Remote API does, but directly in Cubase and not tied to a MIDI device. Applications like Keyboard Maestro and AHK are limited to triggering functions by emulating keyboard presses and mouse clicks.

Named CCs.
VU meters for that bounce;
Custom fonts;
Don’t move anything around.

To those saying a fixed 13 - I would say “Fix 13 before releasing 14”.