Cubase 32bit...out of memory?

hi, i am using C6 32 bit with Win7 x64. i have 8 gig of memory installed.

as i understand it, 32 bit apps can only use/see up to 4 gig of memory total on their own. thats fine. but why is Cubase “out of memory” already after only using 2 gig of memory? when i boot Win7 x64, it is using 2 gig of mem (shown in Windows Task Manager) out of the total 8gig. Then when i load Cubase (empty session), its up marginally to around 2.2 gig of mem total used in my pc. So Cubase just running on its own takes up only about 200meg. Marginal. Then i load my session and total memory jumps (understandably) up to 4.02 Gb of memory used.

how is it possible therefore that Cubase at this point is out of memory? plugins wont load…it has problems saving, showing me the message…etc. From my calculations Cubase (and all associated plugins including 3rd party ones) are only using around 2 gig total, theres 4 gb of system memory left out of a possible 8 showing clearly in Windows Task Manager.

what gives? wheres my other 2 gig of available space for Cubase before it maxxes out? im not changing to cubase 64 thank you very much i like using ALL my range of plugins without headaches and dramas in my life thanks to “bridges”.

anyone else have this same problem?


yes i had the same problem. same exact problem. I solved it by buying jBridge which to my shock and surprise… actually fixes this problem for me. it creates a new .exe file for each plugin (i actually restrict it to just omnisphere / kontakt, as those are the main plugin that cause me to run out of memory)

While I’m not absolutely 100% on this and online info is all over the place I’m pretty sure an x86 program cannot use the full 4Gb memory. It shares 4gb with the system …and your experience would back that up.

If you can’t or won’t go 64bit, Jbridging heavy ram use plugs in 32bit Cb helps as it runs them as a separate process with their own ram allocation.

You are already living a drama by being stuck using out dated VSTi - Also why would you post if you rather stay behind with the issue that is hammering you down and causing you problem and calling the solution a drama??? Are you kidding us??

BUDDY!!! Any program that is 32bit, running on a 64bit OS, will run out of memory once it hit 4GB or before…
USUALY giving the good old (runtime error C++ on Windows) when you go over it… AND ALL KINDS OF ISSUES…
Even if you have 1TB of ram, if you run Cubase 32bit, it will only access 4GB and out of that Cubase is already using about 500MB or more… ALSO Windows was already using about a GB or more already…

C’mon MAN, what the heck?

RUN CUBASE in 64bit and say hello to more ram… THE MAIN reason of Having a 64bit Windows OS, is using more ram… So why limit Cubase to run in 32bit or why you do this when it can run in 64bit with way more ram???
Let me Guess… OLD Omnisphere and Kontakt? Can you update those…ehm…!??

THIS IS NOT A CUBASE BUG or a Steinberg issue… Is the way programs are handled in OS.
You need more RAM? Run Cubase in x64 and update those heavy ass VSTi that are ram hogs to 64bit.

GIRO!!! …or should we call you “MR CAPS AND MR BOLD”…

no i am not YAre kidding YOU. you do not speak for everyone on this forum either (ie us?)

obviously i am not your buddy…as my friends do not start conversations with me by shouting cynicism…

the program is running out of memory once it hits 2 Gb. if you read my post carefully. This is why i posted. i would be very happy if it ran out of memory by 4Gb as 32 bit apps should.

the spec is clear…each program should be allowed to use up to 4 gb each. on top of what windows uses. This is not happening here. Perhaps you should educate yourself on the spec of such things before posting with such apparent authority?

the Heck you say.

i do not run Omnisphere or Kontakt. i use Nexus and Halion actually. Do you need a lozenge for that …ehm…cough?

you are being presumptuous and antagonistic (Google is your friend for the definition of the aforementioned)… did i use the word “bug” even once in my post? it could be any number of problems, possibly even a Windows or hardware bios setting…which is why i was careful not to suggest it is Steinbergs fault directly…

thank you for completely missing the point of my post.

(ps thank you Grim for your suggestion i will start by trying that :slight_smile: )

Classy response there Blackout :sunglasses:

I have realized that this really does depend on what plugins you use and how old they are.
I mainly use Kontakt 5 and Spectrasonics plugins in 32 bit Cubase under Win 7/64bit. There is a catch… Yes it is true that a 32 bit host app in theory is able to use up to 4 Gb in a 64 bit OS. But your plugins will still see Cubase as a regular 32 bit environment, regardless of the OS. Therefore when the plugins sense that Cubase is using over 2 Gb, some of them will start acting up because they believe that the memory is low just like it would be if you were running a 32 bit OS. This is especially true for older versions of some plugins (Kontakt 2, for example, as well as both earlier and current versions of EastWest Play).

However with the latest versions of Kontakt 5 and Spectrasonics plugins I am able to utilize up to approx 2.8-2.9 Gb of RAM in Cubase 32-bit before things get unstable. But no more than that, unfortunately. As a solution, I’m running the Vienna Ensemble Pro 64bit host alongside Cubase. This works really well.

Hope this helped!

Listen BlackOps, I mean Blackout. Call me “Vader” since I’m your father right about now… LMBO!

WHAT I SAID still stands. AND Caps/bold letters are for your easy read.
You are being redundant and ignorant to the fact you are actually ignoring the use of Cubase in 64bit and the FACT that your specs interpretation is wrong… CUBASE Specs are right. Now with that said!, you are clueless of how Windows handles ram.

By the way its called Sarcasm, and I know big words too :wink: ok professor.? You posted a Pedant complaint. And also a self defeated one with you ending. Because any human being will read that you have been told already to go all out 64bit yet you ignore it… “nag nag no thank you very much” …your echo-> ““im not changing to cubase 64 thank you very much i like using ALL my range of plugins without headaches and dramas in my life thanks to “bridges”.””

You already have a headache for not following direction and making up stuff or assuming Cubase owes you ram…

PERHAPS you need to do research before posting nonsense. I READ YOUR POST FINE and thats why I gave you the sarcasm which is a given in this case. Where did you get the INCEPTION IDEA or your RAM management concept??? THe program runs out of memory because you are running it in 32bit and Windows is already using plenty and Windows is the one managing the ram… So you are demanding ram to Cubase when Cubase does not manage ram, its Windows…

I actually told you what happens and the type of error you will get and you are replying about specs, and I’m not your buddy… etc, etc… lol I’m not your buddy either. (Its called figurative speech)
LIKE YOU SAID: ““as i understand it, 32 bit apps can only use/see up to 4 gig of memory total on their own. thats fine. but why is Cubase “out of memory” already after only using 2 gig of memory?””…etc, etc… WRONG! Where you get that Cubase manages ram?? You already know that apps in 32bit can only run up to 4GB of ram. And you are missing the boat here because the program kicks in in 32bit and Windows makes the adjustments (in lame terms) makes restrictions to the ram… your OS is already USING 2GB, Cubase when running by itself is about 600mg… And as soon as you run more VSTi and things like that, more ram is used but WINDOWS knows its a program that was BUILT in x32bit and MORE ram is not accessible. GO read the knowledge page before you make RAM demands… AND On top of all this you very arrogantly say that you will not use the 64bit cubase; WHICH is the solution to actually have more access to the ram that the program needs…

ANY PROGRAM from any vendor, that was built in 32bit can only work in an OS up to 4GB that’s including the OS, the browser, your IE (close it), your start up programs (clear those) etc, etc… you are left with less than 2 GB no matter how much ram you have installed in the Computer…
Get it now! I’m sure you do by now but you want to go on with your inception…

Your initial post was directed to Cubase as if its not reading more ram… read the specs again and go to the knowledge base before you want to correct my CORROBORATIONS to your antagonistic and arrogant post. DID YOU LIKE THIS DRAMA by the way??? By the looks of your broken down replies with quotes, I hit the nerve… Right? Yes I did…

SO READY YOUR 1st POST AGAIN and find yourself ignoring the solution and calling it a DRAMA… ok DRAMA QUEEN?

NOW GOOGLE Windows RAM handling running 32bit programs in a 64bit OS…

Like YODA said: A Person that wants to stay behind in 32bit is either using old and outdated programs that were not written for 64bit yet… and/or is using pirated programs and they can’t be updated.

Your solution is to run it in 64bit and go nag to the vendors that have not updated their programs like the ones I mentioned that had these issues and I think they still do.

ALSO why have a Win 64bit if you don’t want to use programs in 64bit, but then post a complaint about wanting Cubase to access more ram?? I can go for ever on this cycling redundancy of yours… In big caps letters if you want.

PS: targeting my typos was low!! oooooh that hurt me so bad man… you are very mean. :slight_smile:

Cheers blackout!

I’ve been on this forum since it was created… long, long ago… before SX then to this new format which was reset.

I only comment or post when I need to… I don’t hang out here. I have only 47 posts.
99% of the time I post useful information. 1% I hammer trash posts… Meaning once in a blue moon I reply to contradiction posts like this one from Blackout, who is clueless about Windows ram management, right? mmmh I think not. He says it on the post and knows he should run it in 64bit. Just the tittle alone “Cubase 32bit…out of memory?” is subject to pity and one should ignore it. BUT not this case if you actually read it seriously and carefully… Its annoying due to the fact the guy knows he should run 64bit. hence the Sarcasm I used.

So he can be all classy But my posts is a mean old CLASSIC HAMMER welcome to trash posting.

Read it again… and then look at the tittle and i’m sure you know 32bit stops at 4GB

2 more days to AWESOMENESS whatever it is…

Even if your task manager says you have more ram, a program that is 32bit can not access it. Usable ram will stop just before 4Gb because of the 32bit protocol and this is when people get corrupted projects after a cascading error and/or Runtime error C++ when trying to save the project… (This is old news)

I actually posted this reply a few days ago to someone , hmmmm!.. :open_mouth:

This is a Windows 32bit architecture handicap. Therefore it is recommended to run CUBASE in 64bit, which is a native 64bit program.

Over and out… :ugeek:

Hi @ all,

please calm down a bit…both GIRO and Blackout…
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So… calm down both!



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LMBO … LOL… I rather wrestle with whatever is coming in 2 days … :wink:

The problem here is 32-bit Windows architecture itself. While processes do have 4GB address space, they can only access half (2G) of it. Rest is reserved to operating system functions/data. More information from Microsoft:

thanks for the link Jarno. Interesting.


the jbridge is a wonderful yet inexpensive helper in this regard, though it does slow down the loading of plugins. i suggest bridging just the critical RAM-hungry plugins, like your ROMplers and samplers you use to load huge libraries into. i think the software is about 15 euro or so.