Cubase 4 32bit to Cubase 6 64bit upgrade

Hi Guys,
I’m currently running Cubase 4 with Win XP. I have the Cubase 6 upgrade, which I intend to install on a new computer running Win7 64bit but have not yet done so.
Before installing the upgrade, do I need to reinstall Cubase 4 on the Win7 64bit computer, or can I start right from the Cubase 6 disc?

No. You do not have to install C4 in order to upgrade/update. The installer just checks for your C4 license on the dongle and then upgrades/updates it.

Be careful, if you are using HALion One, and you want to import projects with the HALion One instruments to the Cubase 6. There is HALion Sonic SE in the Cubase 6. Not HALion One. HALion Sonic SE is much more better (for example, this is multi-timbral). But it isn’t compatible with HALion One. And there is no full installer of HALion One in the Cubse 6 installation disc.

Thanks Jaslan.

And double thanks Martin. I would have been completely confused about Sonic. I would have expected all my patches to simply load with no problems. You saved me some “scratching my head” time!

Should there be any problems with running ‘One’ and ‘Sonic’ side-by-side?

Installer is in the additional content folder:

Cubase 6 for Windows\Additional Content\HALionOne

I’m fairly certain it’s the full installer.


Thanks Ron. Always forget to check the adtn’l contents folders.