Cubase 4.5 and SAC 2.2 - Bank Selection


I’m using Cubase 4.5 in conjunction with an SAC 2.2 controller. In Cubase, the first 8 tracks are marked white in the arrange window and in the mixer window. I suppose it highlights the tracks which are currently chosen as a bank via the controller. Thing is, if I switch to the next bank on the controller (i.e. from track 1-8 to 9-16) the new bank of tracks isn’t marked within Cubase - tracks 1-8 are highlighted all the time.

Do I have to adjust something somewhere ? Isn’t it supposed to change the highlighted tracks according to the bank changes I make on the SAC ?

Problem solved.

Cubase 4.5 isn’t supporting bank switching via the SAC 2.2.

Workaround for anyone interested:

Install a MIDI converter app, something in the lines of Bome MIDI translator. Switch the SAC 2.2 to Mackie mode. Capture the outgoing MIDI for the Bank up/down + Increment up/down buttons and note it down. Instantiate a Mackie Control Remote additional to the SAC within Cubase. MIDI in for the Mackie Control = same MIDI in as for the SAC, MIDI out = none.

In your MIDI translator app you have to add MIDI converter entries that convert the MIDI messages for Bank up/down + Increment up/down from the SAC in slave mode to the corresponding Mackie Control MIDI messages you’ve written down before.

Those new converter entries have to be set to MIDI thru, so that the MIDI messages from the SAC don’t get replaced. Your converter app will now send the MIDI messages for Bank up/down + Increment up/down for both the SAC and the Mackie Control.

Cubase will interpret the MIDI for the Mackie Control and will switch the banks accordingly while it still receives the corresponding MIDI for the SAC.