Cubase 4.5 and Yahama S90XS

Hello, i’m completly new at this, so it might explain any noobishness and hence I ask for a bit of tolerance :wink:

I set up cubase 4.5 AI with my Yamaha S90XS keyboard yesterday. I encountered no problem and was quikly able to record a track with a particular voice from the keyboard (drums). The problem came when I tried to record another different voice (lets say guitar for instance) on another track. I was indeed able to record it, but the drum track i recorded before suddenly did not play the drums sounds, but the guitar voice i was trying to record :s

As a matter of fact, evey track i record plays the voice of the one that is selected on the keyboard. I assume there must be a simple way to “stall” a sound type to a track and record others on it!

Anyone to enlighten me ?

Many thanks!

You likely need to change the mode on the S90XS to Perform. Then be sure you are sending to different MIDI output channels (ch 1 for the first track, ch 2 for second, etc). I hope this information helps.