Cubase 4.5 Dongle issue Windows 7 - Please Help

I need help with Cubase 4.5 on Windows 7.

I just upgraded my OS to Windows 7 64 Bit. First problem I have is, I installed Cubase 4.5 with dongle, that works in 32 bit, then I tried to install the Cubase 4, 64 bit version (downloaded from Steinberg), now the dongle will not work. Can anyone tell me how to do this the right way so it would work. Note: I tried installing 32bit version first and run 64bit update over that (did not work), then I uninstalled everything and simply installed the 64bit update (did not work).

I have a second question related to this:

Will Cubase 4.5 (64 bit) handle 32 bit plugins (the VST Bridge thng)? If not, is there a way to buy an old version of Cubase (say Cubase 5) upgrade. I don’t have enough to go all the way to & 7.5

Steinberg will not help me with any of these questions.

Any help will be appreciated.

I’ve got C4 32 and 64 bit versions running on Win8. I installed an earlier version of C4 (32 bit only), but needed to download the latest dongle software before that worked. Then I installed the 32 and 64 bit updates downloaded from Steinberg. Did you update the dongle software too? I think that needs to install a 64bit dongle driver for things to work properly.

C4 -64 handles all 32 bit plugins. But be aware that 16 bit plugins (typically LM4 and Virtual Guitarist) aren’t usable - Win7/8 won’t let them run.

Steinberg provide Cubase 3 for importing earlier project files - see Re: Cubase VST Song import in Cubase 4/5: a solution at the top of this forum.

Thank you so much WESW.

I have been DAWless for a while now so I’ll try again tonight. I will get the latest Dongle software installed. Fortunately I don’t use LM4 or Virtual Guitarist. Hopefully most my plugs will come through for me :slight_smile:

I appreciate your help.


I’ve a similar issue: I upgraded my dongle for a new 7.5 version on mac but now I can’t open my old 4.5 on pc; shall I have to upgrade the licenser software too?
I’m a bit afraid 'cause I still have xp on my pc laptop and I know it could be dangerous to surf the web now with xp…


You can always download the latest version, as well as some older versions, of the eLicenser Control software from, so if you’d experience problems with a newer version of the eLicenser Control, just uninstall and re-install the version you need.

Also, you can download the eLicenser Control installer program on your “safe” web browsing computer, then transfer the downloaded “eLicenserControlSetup.exe” file to your “unsafe” Win-XP computer (e.g. via USB-Stick): no need to browse the web with the unsafe Win-XP PC.


Hi Dirk,
thank you for answering!
I’ve just downloaded the latest licenser software for windows (using may ‘safe’ mac :wink: ) but I have a doubt left: in the past days I’d upgraded the dongle for the mac version yet, can I repeat the operation on my xp pc with no risks to overwrite the mac license?

Thank you again,


Neither installation nor un-installation will delete any of your licenses – your licenses are stored safely within your eLicensers (either within your USB-eLicenser, or within a Soft-eLicenser that is stored on your computer’s hard drive).

The eLicenser Control software simply allows to make use of those licenses :slight_smile:

Perfect! Thank you very much for your kindness and speed! :slight_smile: