Cubase 4 AI not receiving sound signal

I have recently purchased a Yamaha Mixer MW8cx. It came with Cubase AI4 and I have installed the app. The PC is running Vista and I can see that it is receiving the sound signal from the USB connection of the mixer. problem is I cant get that soyund recognised in Cubase. I am using the ASIO DirectX Full Duplex Driver and I have activated it in the Device Setup section and in the VST Connections it is showing on the left channel.

I am probably missing something fairly obvious but I have run out of ideas to try. Even if I feed a signal in through the Mic jack and change the actives to Microphone still no joy.

can anyone offer any suggestions?

Cheers Les

You’re using the wrong ASIO driver.

To be more specific, you should be using the Yamaha ASIO driver. Refer to the “Getting Started” file under the help menu in Cubase.

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