'Cubase 4 and earlier' Forum????

Cubase 1.0 on Atari… :wink:

What about Pro-16

I’ll have to look again but are these versions now to be “unsupported” as all developement is for W7 / OSX from now on?

Nope … he’s not joking. I started with Steinberg stuff Pre-Pro-24.
I’m trawling in my mind as to whether there was a pro 8 or 12.

Paul - can you remember if pro 16 was the first?


Sorry. The products are supported but OSs pre W7 are not and I thought it was somehow relevant to that.
Shopping has addled my brain. Or one of the mall zombies has eaten some and I’m one of them now.

I think that the original read that all product development is now for W7 / OSX.

You guys bring a tear to my eye. My first Steinberg purchase was Pro 24 on the Amiga! Before that I was using Gerhard Lengeling’s excellent SuperTrack on the C64. :sunglasses: And yes, I think Pro 16 on the Atari was the first program from Karl Steinberg.

Pro-16 was for the Commodore 64 IIRC.

My first music software was Pro-24 for Atari 1040ST, I think the first Atari version was Pro-12

HAH … OK. Pro 12. That’s what rings the bell. Then I’d lay money on that. Visualizing that Artari Hi Rez B/W monitor and remembering the sense of total Power, Awe, Confusion, and … Helplessnes as I was staggering to make sense of it.

And Merry Whatever-You-Get-Merry-About-On-That-Day, Paul :slight_smile:

Take care

I had a “hi Res” monochrome monitor. Luxury. The colour thing was nauseous! :smiley: :smiley:

And Merry Whatever-You-Get-Merry-About-On-That-Day, Paul > :slight_smile:

Take care

I don’t do that Pagan X-mas festival thang. I’m not a pagan. :slight_smile: Cool for Pagans though. :slight_smile: Big up the Henge!


Thank you … I just had a Spinal tap moment … 12’ … 12" :laughing:

I had a sequencer called Passport (I think that was the name) on my Apple IIe. This would be 1985 or so. It couldn’t record audio of course; my Apple had twin disc drives, each with 128 KILOBYTES of storage