Cubase 4 crackling and pops

Hi there, Ive been using cubase 4 with windows XP for a good few years now and it has been working well.
But recently when I open a project I notice some cracks and pops in the sound.
I’ve tried adjusting the Buffer size but that does not work. The windows performance bar is at about 60%.
Is there anything else I can do before I am forced into an upgrade that I cannot afford.
I dont understand that why the system should be working all these years and suddenly out of the blue I am experiencing this problem.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Window XP service pack 3, Intel Quad 2.67 Ghz, 3.GB of Ram.

Aloha z,

This may (or may not) help in your situation
but I recently went thru the exact same thing.

After trying everything I could think of (software-wise) I then realized that I had recently
moved my 'puter (to do a lil cleaning) and this movement had ‘slightly’
pulled out my FireWire cable.

The cable was not pulled out ‘all the way’ so that’s why the prob was intermittent.

Once I re-secured all connections, life has been smooth sailing again.

Give it a check.

Good Luck!