Cubase 4 & Creative Elite Pro Soundcard

The problem seems to be that, although there are numerous physical audio inputs in this (piece of crap) soundcard - including digital ones - the only one available inside Cubase is the main Stereo In. Since the soundcard set up also only allows one recording selection at a time, you can only use either the digital input, the internal Wave Synth, or whatever else you plug in one at a time. So its impossible to process the different physical inputs on the soundcard separately (for eq, fx, etc) inside Cubase.
Or am I missing something?
If I am NOT missing something, then what is a REALLY good soundcard for handling multiple inputs that actually has them all available in the VST connections window when you create busses? A breakout control box would also be nice.

Don´t know - Read the manual of your soundcard…

Try the hardware forum, this question gets asked almost every week…

Select the correct ASIO driver in Device Setup.

Yep mashedmitten,
When I switched to the Creative driver, all those separate inputs became available in VST connections. I was using ASIO4ALL V2 because of its very low latency when playing external instruments. I have to check out how well I can do with the creative driver - probably not that well. At any rate, I still think I need a super good soundcard. I am running WinXP on a large fast dell desktop w 4GB RAM.
Too bad ASIO4ALL can’t pick up those physical inputs in the soundcard.

I don’t use it, but ASIO4All should see all of the ports if set up correctly.

Well, I will check out all setup options for ASIO4ALL and see if I can’t get it to show all those ports. All it ever showed before was the SB in. However, it doesn’t exactly solve my problem anyway, I just realized, because that (piece of crap <-official name) soundcard only can select one input at a time for recording. In fact, if I use the digital output from my mixing board into the soundcard S/PDIF in input, then the AUX in has a loud hiss, if I also select it.
I definitely need a new, really good soundcard. I am hoping to get some good recommendations form here and also the hardware forum.

Your soundcard is not intended to serve as a studio soundcard. These cards are good for basic stuff in games etc. Specialist soundcards and interfaces are up to the task you want.

What is good?

First off all, what are your needs, do you use a lot of instruments/synths at the same time? How much outputs do you need for for instance external fx’s?

Good stuff is made by RME, Presonus, M-audio, Motu, Lexicon and then some.

Really, you should look at your needs first, then you budget and then what serves you best.

If you want, you can pm me your needs and budget and we will discuss what card/interface is good for you!

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