Cubase 4 + Edirol UA25 + Win 10 audio configuration Help


amateur here who stopped to use Cubase 4 years ago when switched from Win 7 to Win 10.

Unfortunately Edirol didn’t release any win 10 driver for its Edirol UA-25 and the only way to make it works on Win 10 in that time, it was by installing the drivers for Win 8 and by disabling the advance mode on the back of the audio device, however Cubase would not have worked.

Recently I’ve found out a youtube video that with a workaround, allow to use the UA-25 with Win 10 without disabling the advance mode and in this way I can also use Cubase 4.

Now, on Cubase 4 everything is working, I can play audio an recording using the phantom. The only problem is that while Cubase is opened, windows can not play audio via browser (youtube), spotify, winamp and so on. it’s like if Cubase is occupying the channel.

This was never happened to me with Win 7. However it’s gone so much time that I barely recognize the Cubase interface, so I may have set something wrong and to be honest, I also have a vague memory of me having in that time, Cubase reproducing audio via Edirol UA-25 and windows via Realteck but not really sure.

Anyone can help?

just found out that by ticking the option “release driver in background” it works but I can not switch from one application to another without the sound stopping in Cubase