Cubase 4 Interace issues - no audio in or out on mac

I recently changed from a PC to a Mac. My interface (Focusrite Scarlett 18i20) worked with Cubase on my PC fine, and works with Ableton Live and for general system sounds on my Mac, but I am receiving no input or output from it into Cubase whatsoever; when I ‘play’ a track, the levels show nothing.

I believe my devices settings and VST connections are properly set up, they are the same as they were on the PC and I’ve tried many different combinations.

One thing I noticed was that the Control Panel (using CoreAudio) doesn’t allow me to open the interface’s control panel, maybe there’s some compatibility issue to do with this?

Although this could be a problem more with my interface setup I don’t feel this is as likely given that it works outside of cubase and I’ve also tried different combinations with it also.

I just tried a small tascam interface and it worked fine, could be some compatibility issue unique to this setup?

Good troubleshooting by trying that Tascam. It sounds like you know what you’re doing, but you HAVE selected your Focusrite interface within Cubase as your ASIO device? Do you have the proper drivers installed for the version of your Mac’s OS?

I can’t imagine that the Focusrite not compatible with Cubase, as far as I know it’s usually more of a computer hardware compatibility thing. I know nothing of Mac’s or Core Audio, but I’d ‘think’ that you should be able to open your audio interface without Cubase opened, so I’d be suspicious right there :bulb: