CUBASE 4, Interface Compatibilty

My setup is as follows : PC–>PRESONUS FP10–>CUBASE 4

Wondering if Cubase 4 will operate with any interface? I’ve always used the FP10, but would like to use a Digidesign 002 Firewire Rackmount for a few weeks, untill I upgrade to Cubase 6 and a new Presonus.

Since I’ve never used anything else in my home setup, wasnt sure if this would work or not!

Any help would be great!!


If it’s got a ASIO driver it should work, although some digidesign interfaces can be a pain.

Oh believe me I know! Trust me this isn’t what I want to have to do!

Am I wrong to assume I would have to download some new drivers for this thing too?

Thanks for your reply!

Maybe this will work (assuming you’re on XP)

Note it’s not multiclient so you’ll need to make sure system sounds are disabled at least!

Yep I’m on XP!

Thanks, I’ll try this one out, and cross my fingers!