Cubase 4 & Mac OS 10.6

I just emailed Steinberg with this question, but in case anyone on the forum knows the answer…

I’m currently using Cubase 4.5.2 on a MacBook Pro, OS 10.5.8. I also have Cubase 5, which I haven’t installed yet.

My understanding is that I can run both C4 and C5 on my Mac with OS 10.5.8. However, I’m now looking into upgrading my Mac OS to 10.6. So my questions are:

  1. Will Cubase 4 still work with Mac OS 10.6? (It appears, from the knowledge base, that it won’t.)

I don’t want to lose my C4 songs, so…

  1. Maybe I could install C5, and open my C4 songs in C5, before I upgrade to 10.6? Would this simply be a matter of copying the C4 project folder, and opening the project in C5?

Thanks for any info.

I would suggest you save all your projects first as CB 4 files and then open them in CB5 and save them as different versions and as CB5 files, thus you always have the original CB4 files. The upgrade should however be pretty straight forward, but just to be on the safe side.

Please note that CB5 does NOT support all the plugs that you might have in a project. LIke Steinbergs own USM synth and some 3. party plugs. So it is also smart to convert all MIDI files/instruments to audio.

I am however solving this compatibility problem in a different way as I have two computers. One where I am running CB4 with old software and one where I run CB 5. I connect the two computers using both VST link and VEPro. (using VePro you do not need a sound card in the old PC/Mac, but it does not take all of my software, that is where the VST link come in). The old computer acts as a slave of the new and it is like having the old PC as a plug in the new. I have a MAc as the new machine and a PC as the old.