cubase 4 not allowing dig out on mac built in


I need to use my digital ouput on my Macbook pro to buss into another audio interface’s toslink input. It works fine when i route itunes audio output but cubase wants to output only via the analog setting on the built in output ( cubase keeps switching the setting on the built in audio output in audio midi setup from digital encoded to 2 ch 24 bit)

can anyone tell me if its possible to have cubase using the digital out on the built in audio w cubase and how i can get cubase to stop switching to analog . Also if i try to look at the control room panel within the device setup page that window will not close and cubase locks up.



MBpro 2.5 10.5.8 cubase 4 latest

As a follow up. Tried the same setup with logic and it crashed logic and created a kernel panic. Can anyone explain why the daw want to output only analog?

Just a WAG, but I have to set Sync to my digital outs in my SC’s control panel for them to be available. The digital outs are set up in Core Audio, right?

Yes the digi outs r setup in audio midi setup utility and I have them working fine with iTunes but when I launch C4 it takes “control” of the hardware and switches the settings from “encoded” to 24 bit 44.1 and the signal drops out. If I manually switch back in audio midi utility I start getting problems. I’ ll look thru the sync page in C4 and see what options

It seems odd to not be able to route 2 channel digi outs from the Daw when the hardware is capable of it