Cubase 4 on High Sierra

Tried installing Cubase 4 on my mac mini, High Sierra but it says that it can’t install on the hard drive as it needs to be at least OS 10.4. (Tiger) Didn’t’t understand that so I’ve been running 4 on my old G5 but the old girl’s hard drive appears on the way out. I don’t think it’s worth repairing the G5 but I’m unsure what my next step should be. Is it possible to install the old software on High Sierra? Do I need to reactivate it? Do I purchase a later version of Cubase? Will my old cubase 4 files open on a later version?
Please help me. As you can tell, I’m rather confused.

you are trying to install software from 2006 time period on a machine running an os from September 2017;
its similar to when i look up an ancient website frm the web archive backup and it says im not using the right browser
because the site has programmed logic that worked at the time it was posted based on what variables were possibilities
but things change over time; im using a browser that didnt exist at the time so of course its going to tell me that im using the wrong browser type because the programmer programmed it to look for netscape and internet explorer both are which dead in the water 10+ years later; the moral of the story is pay attention to system requirements; Cubase 4 is for Windows XP or Mac os X TIGER; on a g4/g5 mac with a PPC processor; or first generation intel mac from 2006/2007;

buy a cheap SSD for your powermac g5 i have a powermac g5 running on a 128gb SSD; works like a champ; i paid $25 bucks for it

i think Cubase 4 will only install on tiger / leopard or at the most; snow leopard?
the download of LE4 was “Hotfixed” to support Snow Leopard; so i think its possible the main flagship Cubase 4 should be able to work on snow leopard; there is a 3gb ISO download on this page:
you should try that. sory that is the cubase studio download; this page is for cubase 4:

Thanks for your help. I think it’s time to upgrade to Cubase 10 on High Sierra for my future projects and try to copy and open my backed up files from external hard drive. If that doesn’t work, I’ll look at a SSD for the G5 to access my old files. Cheers.

I had the same problem. I came across a new boxed Cubase 4 I’d bought years ago and thought I had lost but when I tried to install it on High Sierra, I got the same message. So I did as was suggsted - installed Snow Leopard on an external hard drive, then installed Cubase 4 and that worked. BUT here is the odd thing:

I discovered purely by accident that if the Snow Leopard hard drive is connected to my Macbook running High Sierre, Cubas WILL run, perfectly! No hassles whatsoever. So it seems the softwared detects a newer OS and responds ‘can’t install it here, matey’, but when you then run the software on the newer OS, the warning cuts out. Doesn’t make a lot of sense but who cares?