Cubase 4 On Windows 11 won't install to new computer

I have new computer with Windows 11. Cubase SE3 uploaded fine via an external DVD drive. Cubase 4 update will not. It says ‘This application only runs on XP SP1 or higher.’

I think you need a newer version of Cubase. Cubase 4 is seriously old. They don’t work forever unless you keep old operating systems.

Try running the installer in XP Compatiblity mode?
Can I run Windows XP programs under Windows 11 (

I’ve been able to go back as far as Cubase SX on a Windows 11 installation under the VMware Workstation 17 player.

Do make sure you get the latest version of Steinberg eLicencer Control Center. Don’t allow older installers to overwrite your newest eLicenser software. If in doubt, just reinstall the latest…

It wasn’t perfect in the Virtual Machine, and I had to get creative getting some audio drivers working (manually point older versions of Cubase to modern ASIO drivers…ignore the old DX/Windows driver options), but it was possible. It was more than adequate for things like converting old Atari format ARR files into something more modern versions can handle.

Thanks Brian. The eLicencer was updated. I looked into the first link you sent. It seems that will work on programs already installed. When I go to properties it doesn’t give me the option of changing via compatibility. So still no luck.

The Windows 11 process for compatability mode is here:

In Windows 10 you used to be able to right click on the installer and choose it.

The problem is Cubase 4 was compiled against a much earlier verison of Windows, so you are going to struggle to get it working. You would be better off using an older machine if Cubase 4 is essential to you.

Thanks. I tried to install using that link. I think it works more for programs already installed. It said it was a success but it still isn’t installing.