Cubase 4 on Windows 8.1

I use Cubase 4. Haven’t updated just cause I hadn’t needed to. My recording computer, that ran an older version of Windows XP, just crapped out on me. I’m trying to install Cubase 4 (from the original install DVD) on to my newest computer, which runs Windows 8.1. Upon trying to run the install, an error pops up saying “This Apllication only runs on Windows XP SP1 or higher.” And yes, that how they spelled “application”. Just saying…

So, can anyone help me please? I have work that I really need to get done and I’m currently up the creek without a paddle.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Convince that you already try this: Make older apps or programs compatible with Windows 10
What was the result of the “Make older programs compatible with this version of Windows” give you as result?

On Win 8, Some of my programs was able to run, other did not. (did set a dual booth and installed on Win 7 SP2 Home for those.)
FYSA: I had compatibility issue with Win 8 Update on Sony VAIO, but those programs are now running on Win 10 with no apparent problem. (Sony Acid, Vegas 11, etc)
My recommendation would be to keep Win 7+ and skip Win 8.1 until April 2015 and get Win 10… Work for me.

Best of luck :slight_smile: