Cubase 4, OS X Snow Leopard and Analogue Laboratory

Hello all,

I’m hoping someone out there may be able to advise/point me in the right direction;

I’m running Cubase 4.5.2 on a Mac Pro under Snow Leopard. I’ve been running this since the launch of SL and have encountered no problems until now…

I recently installed Arturia’s Analogue Laboratory which as a stand alone application works great however, as a VST plug in Cubase will not start up. Cubase reaches the point of initializing AL and then crashes. Removing AL from the VST folder allows C4 to work fine. I installed both C4 and AL on a Windows 7 PC where upon C4 loaded AL up and worked absolutely fine. Reading through the different posts regarding 64 bit or 32 bit installations of C4 I’m wondering if this is where my problem with AL lies as it isn’t a 64 bit application. When I installed C4 on the PC I installed it as a 32 bit app but for the Mac, I’m not given that option.

If there’s anyone out there that knows a workable solution that will allow me to run AL as a VST plugin within C4 on a Mac, I’d be extremely grateful as otherwise it means I’ll have to revert back to using a PC which I truly don’t really want to do.

Many thanks