Cubase 4 problem

Every now & then Cubase takes ages to load, pausing at every plugin. When it eventually finishes 1 or 2 plugins don’t work.
It’s always done this. Does anyone know why please?

Many thanks

A few thoughts…

Well, we do know that one reason Cubase automatically rescans for plugins is when there is a computer operating system time change. So, for most, this will happen twice a year. But, I wonder if a weak or failing motherboard battery would cause similar rescans to happen. That is just a thought to think about.

As to why some plugins don’t work after a scan… maybe you can provide more detail for that. Like, is it always the same plugins? Does it happen every time? Are these plugins old?

Would be good to know what computer OS you are using.

Regards :sunglasses:

Thanks for your reply. I am using XP on a PC not connected to the internet, and yes the plugins are old. The main one which I use a lot is AD Demo (V1-5-1) as it has a snare I particularly like.
Sometimes it appears in the instrument list but doesn’t load, and other times I get a ‘plugin not found message.’
As I’ve said it happens after I get this periodic plugin rescan but it also happens at other times. I’ve reinstalled the plugin and also Cubase.
Typically it will work or not work for several weeks at a time. Sorry this is rather vague.