Cubase 4: Save project to new folder - not working


My hard drive seems to be at the brink of selfdestruction. It’s making funny noises and it’s spinning up for apparently no reason. Loading software takes forever and audio playback isn’t very fluid.

Time to do some backups. I’ve saved important files to my external harddrives, but there’s some projects in Cubase worth saving too. Cubase 4 has the ‘save project to new folder’ built in so I’m trying to make use of it. However…

Everytime I select a folder and click ‘create’, the screen freezes and my PC sounds like it seems to be working really hard. It does NOT save the project to a new folder though. It’s trying to save the ENTIRE CONTENT of my harddrive to the newly created folder. This happens every single time. What is going on? I’ve tried asking Steinberg support but they have not replied. Please help!

Kind regards.

Please help. My hard drive is dying.

Have you tried drag & drop ?

Just drag each project/folder to the external source.

I assume you are trying to save to an external source.

How large are the project folder/s you’re trying to copy ?

Size isn’t the problem. I forgot to mention that, for this project, I saved samples for every track in the exact same folder. That’s my dumb mistake. Is there some way to have every sample moved to a new and seperate folder according to track? Could I do this in the project pool window somehow?

I never use samples, I’m strictly audio, so someone else will have to help you I guess, sorry :frowning:


If as you say, your HD is dying, and you try to save your Cubase data, then why don´t you, as Paul Bryce already suggested simply copy all your Cubase audio folders and files over to your external harddrive, then replace the dying HD and Backup your projects eith the new HD…?


By that I meant that because I don’t use samples, I wasn’t sure if they had to be in the same directory as the Project, but I don’t see why they would have to be.