Cubase 4 Studio Direct Monitoring

Why can’t I enable Direct Monitoring in Cubase Studio 4?
I need to be able to see input levels and not have the meter levels change when I adjust the faders.
Any help or info is appreciated.
Mike =)

Read the Mixer section of the manual.

That doesn’t help.

Should be a check box in the “VST Audio System” section of device setup.
However, it has to be supported by your hardware and its driver.
Also: direct monitoring is not available on mac systems.

Read it again!

Don´t read it! Simply keep asking - someone here will read it for you, and explain even the most basic things, that could also be found in the manual easily…

I read it. Several times! But keep being a smart ass rather than offering real help! Thanks. Quit talking now!

Thank you Shinta 215. =)

You’re welcome.
Technically, the answer is in Chapter 2, “setting up your system” (which is NOT the mixer chapter).

Which is NOT the best/ right way to do what the OP wants. The Mixer IS the place to achieve the desired.

To keep being a smart ass:
Technically, the OP doesn´t seem to know what he´s talking about…
He speaks about direct monitoring, but seems to mean input level metering…

Which is why the OP needs help. Maybe he/she thought that could be possible here on a Cubase forum! Hmmmm.

Guess we “all” had to start somewhere.

Which is why I steered him to the correct section of the manual. If he’d have bothered to really read it, he’d have seen the section on meter settings and the resulting Input Metering section. Not only that, but he’d most likely have learned other things he didn’t know along the way. It’s a classic give a man a fish as opposed to teaching him how to fish. Which stands him in the best stead in the end? :astonished:

I understand your theory Yer Mom III. My comment certainly wasn’t pointed at you. There’s a certain poster that carries an attitude through most threads I’ve seen. It’s not conducive to a forum designed to discuss and help. Not everyone’s understanding or learning process is going to be at the level that is expected by some know-it-alls. The OP read what portion of the manual he thought would help. That’s all that is expected of any poster with a question.