Cubase 4 Studio upgrade question

I am a forum newbie but have been using Cubase since 2004 with SX, SX 2.0 and Cubase 4. I recently got the bug to start writing again but could not find my dongle for Essential 4. I bought a Studio 4 dongle thinking it would work… it did not. I need a Authentication code top open Studio… Then I actually found the dongle for Essential 4…
Anyway my question is, I would like to keep Cubase 4 running on my old laptop so Is it possible to use the dongle I just bought for Studio 4 Educational as my upgrade. Or do I need the activation code for Studio 4 Educational?
I do not want to get rid of SX because those files have not had any success in anything but SX 2.0 (unless Cubase 10 can read them).

Thanks! Jason

You do not “buy a Dongle for Studio 4”. You buy a dongle, and download a License for whatever Version onto it.
If you want to perform an upgrade, you Need a License you can upgrade from. If you have an empty Dongle, there is Nothing you can upgrade from.
You can upgrade from your Cubase 4 license, but have to use that dongle then.

as far as i understand it - steinberg has posted sticky note in this forum to say that you can run cubase sx3 with any full cubase license of a higher version (4/5/6/7/8/9/10) as long as u have the latest elcc software installed + perform maintenance tasks etc it should work;