Cubase 4 Sycrosoft wont allow startup

Hello All,

Hope you can help. I purchased Cubase 4 back in 2009ish on a desktop PC. That PC has now died and I’m using another computer.

I have installed the CD, updated to 4.5.2 64bit and inserted the dongle.

When trying to open up the software, i get a box saying

"Application ‘Cubase 4’ has caused the following error:

eLicenser(s) contain(s) no valid license for this application.


  • For troubleshooting information click .
  • Click to view available licenses.
  • Connect a valid eLicenser and click .
  • Click to abort."

If I click on Licenses, it shows my elicences, USB number and Cubase in the tree etc but they are greyed out and I’m unable to click anything.

Any ideas what this could be?


Jack Stokes

This is the first error I get when turning on Cubase,

When I click on Licenses, this is what I get, I’m unable to click anything

Try a newer version of eLCC …

thanks for the response. Unfortunately the same problem still exists when updating to


I updated the LCC and did a complete Cubase install and update and this did the trick regarding the LCC. I know have another problem which I’ve created another thread for. Sorry if that is incorrect etiquette