Cubase 4 to 6.5 update

Cubase 4 to 6.5 upgrade ???

Whats the deal with this update because i paid for a Cubase 4 to Cubase 6.5 update and got a Cubase 6 ???

Perhaps i should email support but i already did that 2 days ago and they dont respond.
My invoice clearly says i have paid for a 4 to 6.5 update but the delivery note says Version 6 and surprise,
the damn box is version 6, not 6.5

So should i return the box or what, problem is the people who handles this question is support which is not responding, meanwhile times fly and the return policy runs out within two weeks.


There is a way around this, so don’t panic. You’ll get your 6.5.

I think when you view your license in the license controller thingy, it should show 6.5, so then you just need to get the right installer. There may be a link in the license center. Someone else who’s been through your scenario might be of more help.

If you don’t have the 6.5 license, then you’d need to go through the free grace period upgrade process. I’ve not done it myself, but you are definitely within the grace period.

Thx for the suggestions but its a tad more complicated than this.

See i have this USB Dongle with several licenses on it incl. a Cubase 4 AND a Cubase 6. So if they scan the USB Dongle for valid licenses they will see that Cubase 6 was installed long ago and thus not giving me a grace period.

Bottom line is, i ordered 6.5 update and got a 6 update which may or may not f… it all up, thats why i need insurance on what steps to take.


Hmmm…someone correct me if I’m wrong here.

What I think you should do then is transfer one of the licenses to another dongle. The value of having two licenses is destroyed by having them on the same dongle. You could buy an extra dongle, transfer one of them to the other dongle and have two complete licenses for Cubase. Maybe sell one or use them both for your own, but they are useless together on the same dongle. Also, you run into problems like this.

Anway, sounds like if you do need to keep them together, you might want to contact support first.

I do believe though, that before it does the update, it will ask you which license to update, so you’d be safe. I’d hate to be the one to tell you that it’s a sure fire thing though, then have it screw everything up.

I always have to choose which license to upgrade. Meaning, the eLicenser software displays a list of licenses that can be upgraded with the supplied activation code. I choose one and that’s the one that is upgraded.

Got it working now so thanks for all suggestions.

Something about USB Dongles always makes me shit scared. Now this particular USB Dongle have 30+ licenses on it.
So experimenting with options is a nightmare when it comes to this 10 Yen plastic hardware.
The USB Dongle was already behaving odd with all kinds of errors when running maintenance.

The USB Dongle errors was due to lack of writing permission in C:/ProgamData/eLicenser on Win 7.
Got it working by giving all users Full Access in Security for that folder.

Pheew my Dongle was not screwed up after all, so i took the chance and opened the Cubase 4 to Cubase 6 update version box . Nothing new in there, just the usual stuff with activation codes.

I then moved the old Cubase 6 license to an empty dongle, ran the activation code for the new Cubase 6.
Control Center found the old Cubase 4 and told me that i was entitled to a license 6.5 update. Then followed a link or two to get to the grace period download for 6.5.

Downloaded 6.5 and installed it and everything is working. Thanks to you guys, otherwise i would not have had the stomach for experimenting.