Cubase 4

I need to upgrade from Cubase 4 to Cubase 6.5
I already run Cubase 6.5 on my iMac or MacBook Pro as both are in my home therefore I just switch the dongle to whichever computer I’m wanting to use.
However, I’m wanting to use another MacBook in my small studio about 10km from my home but don’t want to have to take the dongle from home to studio and vice versa.
I recently bought a second hand version of cubase 4 which runs ok in its own right but I need it upgrading to v 6.5 !

Help !!! :flushed:

The easiest way I believe would be to upgrade to the latest version of Cubase which would allow you to use any lower version.
The other option would be to look for a used version of CB6.5

Don’t think that works because I’ve tried importing a project done on my Cubase version 6.5 into my Cubase 4 and it won’t allow it :worried: !

Re-read the answer you got.

Do you mean only the LATEST VERSION of Cubase allows you to use any lower version in it and ONLY the latest version.

Will projects done on Cubase 6.5 run on Cubase 6. By that I mean just a few midi tracks and a couple of audio track. I wouldn’t want to do any editing or anything on Cubase 6, that would be done on Cubase 6.5 ?