Cubase 4AI Functionality: Crossfades?

The Cubase AI 4 Operations manual Section 6 Fades and Crossfades, states that Crossfades are included in this version. After following the instructions both from the manual and from ASK/DVD tutorials, I have not been able to initiate a crossfade with this system? My question then is: Is Crossfading a included or excluded function of the AI4 version of Cubase? If it is included, than would someone please provide me instruction and/or information that may help me be able to use this functionality? My assumption is that I’m missing something relative to the procedure. It seems simple enough, but is not working for me. I appreciate any insight, help, clues, etc…

Are the events overlapping?

Yes, the events were overlapping. I created an event on another track, and pulled it onto the same track as the event I wanted to cross-fade with. The events were overlapped . The end of one event was overlapped onto the beginning of the second event, where I wanted the crossfade to occur.

The key command for crossfade is x. Try hitting that while the first event is selected.