Cubase 4LE with Lexicon Alpha USB

I have installed the latest driver and have added the Alpha ASIO as the input buss, and the output buss. I have a Shure SM57 plugged into the XLR input on the back. I can hear the Bass through the headphone jack but nothing gets recorded when I try recording. At least it seems that way when playing back.

Can you see an audio wave form being constructed on the track when you are recording, or signal level on the meters in Cubase? If no, then Cubase is not receiving the signal from the Alpha and you’ll need to go through the setup of your VST Audio System again. You should also check that you have the input of the audio track mapped to the correct input of the Alpha.

If you can see an audio waveform on the track, there are 2 things I suggest you check-

  1. Make sure you don’t have the monitor button active on the track.
  2. Check to see that the Alpha is set to allow you to hear audio coming back ffrom the computer. One way to check this is to import an existing audio file into Cubase and try playing it back.

hi am new on this so please help me out i buy a lexicon lambada a year ago i installed it on another computer but that computer broke on a car accident… so i try to use the software but for some reason i can’t use the CUBASE LE4… i lost the cd that came with the software i dont know how to install it again i have my activation code and my soft- elicense… wat can i do to start using the lexicon lambada again??/ :confused:

Contact Lexicon, ask them for a new install disk.

Contact Lexicon, ask them for a new install disk.

Lexicon does not offcer Cubase LE4 install disk anymore, they dont even use it.
why isint there not one single link on steinberg website that enables us to download it from there
(from the source)

I have the same issue with f3rnando, i looked everywhere on, but all i can find is updates… never the actual software,
Is there a way to download it ? any site will do

As can be seen on the Lexicon Lambda web page, the product is advertised as coming with LE 4 you wont find a download for it, but as other users that have lost there install disks have reported that most suppliers will send you a replacement disk If asked and proof of purchase is provided.

Yeah i found that out too,
I guess the only way is by having them mail one out,
at least they have copies for replacement,
that’s Good! Better than nothing,

Thanks for replying