cUBASE 5.1 Elements installation problems

I bought Cubase off ebay from skitskat and I’m having problems installing it. I extract the whole file and I see the cubase. I then run the exe and it appears like its a normal installation and I press finish. Now the program opens up and I see an empty session. But when I close it down it is no where to be found. No Icon on the desktop? Not present in programs files?
I’ve researched that I need to access the elicenser which can found in the Program Files. Except there is no steinberg Cubase file in the program files. I contacted skit skat and they said they are authorized dealer but don’t offer support and I need to contact steinberg. To complicate matters when I log into Steinberg I have a registered copy of Cubase Studio form many many years ago but I am unable to register this new purchase.
Any assistance is appreciated