Cubase 5.1 ISO/DMG? (clean, no cracks)

Hey there. As many starters, when i first began production, i had a cracked version of cubase.

Since then, i’ve gone legit with all my DAWs and plugs, and i’m running Pro 8.

But a couple days ago i dug out my old HDDs, and recovered a ton of early projects that i had made in 5.
Thing is, when i try opening them, they just crash both 8 and 7.5 for no apparent reason. Cant open the project, the loading gets stuck and then cubase crashes (OS X 10.10).

Now, as i understand, a licence for cubase (X) is also perfectly valid for any cubase (<X).
Since i really don’t want to install the cracked version of 5, i’d love to install the clean one.
Thing is, i can’t find the iso/dmg files anywhere on the internet.
I tried contacting steinberg, but i can’t create a support request in “mysteinberg”, which just prompts me to contact a distributor.

So, does anyone have a clean 5/5.1 iso/dmg that they could FTP me, or maybe upload to MEGA or some other service please?



As far as I’ve read before, you should be able to download any version ‘under’ the version you have a legitimate license/dongle for directly from Steinberg, and at least be able to run the different versions on that same machine with your current license. Or on another machine you have them installed on, but have to move your dongle over to that one. You can’t run them on two different machines at the same time unless you’ve purchased two separate licenses & have two dongles.

A few months back, I saw a legitimate/original Cubase 5 install disk for sale on eBay for almost nothing, no dongle/license was included of course, but I’d rather get it from Steinberg in the case of having a legitimate license to run higher versions.

And I wouldn’t even think about installing that non legit version on the same machine with your legit version.

I searched all the steinberg support websites. Half of them are 404s and the other half only gives me the option to download pro 8…

I’m not planning on using it on more than a machine at a time, so the dongle thing wouldn’t be an issue.

And yes, that’s exactly the reason why i’m asking for some ISO here, because i really really really don’t want to install the cracked version on this completely clean machine.

This may shed some light…

Anyone looking for an older copy need to receive (and the seller MUST provide) either a dongle containing the license or an unused Activation Code. The latter not really easy to verify for the buyer.

Any Cubase Full license allows to run any previous Cubase Full versions down to SX. Previous VST/VST Score versions used a different system and are not included. As a Steinberg Cubase X user, one can ask Support to receive previous versions’ ISO images. Minor versions work otherwise, as the Artist/Elements, Studio / Essential and SL/SE are considered to belong to different product “ranges”.

As Steve and jaslan wrote, it is the license that matters, and is the one you pay for. So absolutely check it is provided, as disks/boxes/manuals without a license are worthless.

In the mean time, if no takers on your request here (as I can’t help you with that) I’d keep asking Steinberg Support about getting a Cubase 5 ISO image…and you may want to stop gushing about your previous cracked version while asking :bulb: I have no idea if it’s a specific problem importing cracked Cubase 5 projects into legitimate Cubase 8, assuming they use the same kind of .cpr project file. Unless someone chimes in to confirm that - I doubt many would want to admit they know - you may just have to find out when you get your legit Cubase 5 ISO image installed.

Good luck!

ISO images of old versions can be obtained only by contacting Steinberg support directly.

Discussion of installing pirated versions is against the forum t.o.s.