cubase 5.5.0/5.5.1/5.5.2

Where can I find these cubase 5.5.0/5.5.1/5.5.2 ??
I have looked in the archives Nothing !!!
Is the an archive where all the old cubases are ???

thank you ahead of time


5.5.0 is still here:

And 5.5.1 and 5.5.2 are on the FTP site, but not in the “Archives” section:

Thanks for the quick reply. I did go to each link but only one had some of the info.
The link to cubase_5 gets you there but there is nothing there.

Thank you


I am having trouble downloading Cubase 5.5 from this location. There’s the link text, but the link seems to be broken. Has the update software been removed?

I’m actually trying to install my 6.5 upgrade over my 5.0 CD Cubase installation, and not having much luck. Version 5.0 works great, but 6.5 won’t install. I thought maybe I should install 5.5, first (?) Any suggestions?

Thank you.

… This is for my secondary PC, an ASUS i5 laptop (K53E-1BSX), 64-bit Win7, 4 GB RAM

6.5 should be a full install that will install beside a C5 install not over.

Oh, yes, thanks for the reminder. I’ll try to install version 6.0 first…

BTW, nevermind about the above complaint about the 5.0 link - for whatever reason, it’s working again. For a while, none of the links were working. Perhaps Steinberg does a nightly patch or something?