Cubase 5.5.1 and CMLabs Motormix

Good evening, all.

After (finally) moving off of a Yamaha DSP Factory setup, I’m looking to use my MotorMix as a DAW controller (as opposed to a controller for the DSP Factory via LUIPlus). I’ve been able to get the MotorMix added as a Remote Device in Cubase and my channel strips will respond to changes on the faders and knobs… but the MotorMix doesn’t seem to be receiving input from Cubase.

For example, if I adjust the Volume of a channel, the Fader position on the MotorMix remains the same. Also, the Channel Strip at the top of the 'Mix doesn’t display channel information.

Here is my setup:

MIDI Interface: M-Audio (now Avid) MidiSport 8x8s
Output 7 -> MotorMix In
MotorMix Out -> Input 7

I can see the MidiSport passing information out Port 7 when I adjust the channel in Cubase, so it looks like the data should be heading to the 'Mix… but again, nothing happens. I’ve been prowling through the CMLabs website and documentation to check anything about MIDI Channel or handling, but I’ve been unable to locate anything thus far.

If anyone has experience attaching a Remote Device to Cubase 5.5.1 and would have any insight into this situation, I’d greatly appreciate any assistance.

Thank you,