Cubase 5.5.3 32 Bit Reason 6 32 Bit No Rewire Option

Hi, I have searched all the knowledge bases I can find, searched every post I can think of and have drawn a blank.
We are running Cubase Studio 5.5.3 and recently got Reason 6. Read about how to open the programmes one after another etc.
In the devices menu, no sign of ReWire. After reading posts, realised that both had to be the same bit rate, so installed 64 bit version of cubase. Could then see rewire in the devices menu but it wouldn’t work. Came up with “ReWire installation failed because access to a file or directory was denied while installing the ReWire DDL in the system directory”
Read more, realised 64 bit not supported for Cubase Studio 5 and wouldn’t be. Uninstalled both programmes, reinstalled as 32 bit versions of both, This time, no ReWire option at all.
Read posts about ReWire.ddl, tried to move to folders suggested, still no luck. Tried it in the Sytem folders, VST plugin folder, everywhere (always removing afterwards).
Checked ASIO aplication box not ticked.
I know this keeps recurring, but I am genuinely stumped. We have 16 pc’s running cubase, just bought a 5 site licence for Reason 6 and need them to speak to each other. Can anyone help? Pretty please?

i had this problem it was fixed by putting the rewire dll file somwhere but i cant remember where

i sujest contact tech support and ask then for a list of all folders that the rewire dll file SHOULD be in

Hi, I’m new to this forum and searching for the solution to problem with C5.5.3 and Reason 6 rewire. From what I’ve read and read and read it seems that the rewire DLL should be put in specific locations i.e. (folders)? Ok, has stein berg responded with where this should be? My rewire in reason 6 is set to 32 bit operation and when I attempt to open Reasons I get error stating host software should be checked, or something close to that. Where should rewire dll be located to function with cubase 5. I’ve literally spent 6 hrs searching post for an answer. I’ve gotten no solid answer and more importantly no music created! Is there a steinberg official answer to this problem?
“Engine not responding” Check Rewire Host" is the exact msg I rec’v when I try to open reason 6 with rewire active

ok inside your 32bit program files folder you will find the stienberg folder inside that you will find the cubase folder inside that cubase folder there should be a "rewire dll “” file … if it not there search your computer for the dll file and copy it to that folder if you cant find one get back to me as i could send you one , if you have one in that folder then i think contact stienberg tech support direct they should be able to give you a list of ALL folders where the file SHOULD be

Semajjames, thanks for responding! I probably should’ve said that I’m on a matchbook pro, so the searching part is different. But I will look around and see if its in any folder…I’m new to mac so it will take a minute… I will let you know how I make out. At least you gave me some direction.

Looked inside the Cubase folder and found a rewire.dll (2.08mb) in the Cubase Studio 5\VSTPlugins folder. I have copied this into the Cubase Studio 5 folder but still no rewire option. Semajjames could you send a copy of your rewire.dll to us please? Is e-mail ok? If not let me know.


I can do it Thursday night , remind me Thursday here

Just a reminder for you semajjames about the rewire.dll. Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

having same problem but with reason 8,just been told on propellorheads reason forum that,"Even if the app itself is 64-bit, I don’t think Cubase 5.5.3 supports 64-bit Rewire.

You might want to try running both in 32-bit. "

I am running windows 7 Home premium 64 bit,i have tried running in xp mode but got a message pop up saying this edition of windows 7 does not support running in xp mode.
Anyone know what i can do?

i did a search for rewire on my pc but it came back with no results,what is going on?propellorheads have not even bothered to reply to me,didn’t mind taking all that money though,thanks to Georg @steinberg for at least trying to help me with this,much appreciated.

i can find no rewire.dll in my cubase folders,is there anywhere i can download it from?