Cubase 5.5.3 any bugs?

I’m getting my new DAW next week and i’m gonna run win 7 on it with cu5.5.3.

  1. Did Steiny leave any major bugs in this release, if so what?
  2. Is this the version everyone is using professionally now? I see some people using 5.1 and 5.5.2 still, if so why? what’s wrong with 5.5.3?
  3. Do you have to turn your wifi off in win7, or was that just an xp problem?

What can I expect?


there will be many answers to your questions the main reason i still use 5.1.1 is because of preference i have used 5.5.3 and found it to be very stable especaily the bridge but I just like 5.1.1 cubase 5.5.2 was a no go for me.

also the software shared on your system may course Cubase to react in different ways so you will not have users saying the same thing

you should work to a good balance between cubase and 3rd party, when you get that stick to it and remove anything that will course cubase to react funny that could mean removing updates for cubase too.

in any case since your going for a new system it would be a good idea to jump to cubase 6 and start from there