Cubase 5.5.3 to 7 upgrade worth it?

Still no VST instrument sidechanining?

So as an electronic music producer, why would I smack 249 euries to C7?

What are the real benefits besides that it’s more shiny and comes with more VST(i)'s which I will hardly use cause i allready use a few winners?

Windows 7 64bit
X58 i7 920 @ 3.8ghz
6gb ddr3


See for yourself just download the demo and try it


As I see it… On the positive side: Chord track is handy. Plugin search is very helpful. Lanes editing is good. It looks pretty good too. And it is new. And… well, that about it for me.
On a negative side: mixer is real PITA, including the new channel strip (which is just repacked old plugins that you already have in C5). Synths are so so, even if they were not included I wouldn’t mind, tried to use them, really sincerely tried, but I always end up using 3rd party, and use just Halion Sonic piano preset when working with basic MIDI. C7 is slower, uses more resources, doesn’t work 100% with all older plugins. And I could go on and on, just see other posts.

So, I bought it, and I’m not sorry, I’d buy again, but mostly because I like to have the latest version to play with, its a hobby. And it feels good to be on top with the latest version. There is some special excitement in installing newest version, there is always something new, for better or for worse, and Cubase gives enough of that in my view. Excitement over newest version is worth the money. If you’re like me, buy it. :sunglasses:


Sorry to be a tad off topic but did you over-clock to get you machine up to that speed? I’ve also got a X58 i7 920
6gb ddr3, but mine runs @ 2.66ghz. Did you replace the fan to get that speed?

Back on topic. I really like Cubase 7. The new features are great and, unlike some, I very much like the new mixer, especially being able to resize and shape it. That’s really cool. The synths are better than they used to be. Pad shop pro is pretty good.

On the negative side I’m one of a minority who is getting bad CPU spiking and stuttering in C7.02 x64 (not x86). I’ve tried everything possible to cure this but, as yet, have found no cure. The problem does not manifest in Live 9 x64 so I’m pretty sure the problem is not with my system or EMU 1820m sound card.

But yeah, try the demo first.

If you have not missed anything in CB5, why upgrade?

I upgraded to 7 directly from 5.5.3 and I have not regret that a single second. Does 7 has faults? YES but they will surely be corrected and the advantages outnumbers the faults by far. But I really missed something in 5.5.3 and 7 was my answer (6 was NOT). The reason for me to upgrade was the workflow improvements made possible through the new mixer, and the 64 bit (I use 20GB of memory).

I also use the Chord Track a lot to analyze MIDI material that customers send me. But as mention; it is the new mixer that really does it.

Occasionally I go back to the old 5.5.3 as there are still a couple of thing that is better handled in 5. For some reason my computer hangs when importing MIDI files with tempo and signature changes to 7. Works fine in 5.

I agree on the previous stated that the included synths are so so and that there are better 3 party plugs to use in a “strip” (as insert or send FX) as well. But the factory included ones does a decent job, so I guess it is a question of money. If you take the time to learn the included ones they will be good enough to support most projects.

I beg to differ about the new synths being “so so”. Padshop & Retrologue are the finest synths Steinberg has ever produced IMO…especially Padshop for me. I found the improvements from C6 to C7 very welcome, but from C5 to C7- you will REALLY see some major welcome improvements I would think. So far I have found C7 to be just as rock solid as 5.5 and 6.5 was. Like others have said, try the demo, I think you will be impressed.

Yes I OC’d, and yes I have a Zalman CPU cooler on it. Take a look on the web on how to OC the i7 920 with a decent cooler, you won’t regeret it and you will also desable all the speedstep and power saving stuff which may cause your stuttering!

Looks like I will be doing my next project in the C7 demo!

They might be Steinbergs finest but compared to most Native Instruments and Omnisphere…so so. On the FX side… FabFilter just to mention one.