Cubase 5.5 and crashing plugins when loading presets


Im using Cubase 5.5 since november 2009 with Waves Silver and CLA plugins the most of the time. And couple days ago the problem show up.

Im opening project with couple plugins and Im for ex. moving plugin from one to next channel or loading presets (cubase channel settings or just presets inside of waves vst) it crashes the plugin with very strange way - every settings in this plugin are randomly changin and (for ex. in REQ-6) the correction lines are changed and red line show up (always was just yellow).

After it, when Im closing the project and opening it again - every single plugin from waves is corrupted like the one I described above. And on every corrupted channel there is no audio when playing - until I bypass or turn off the plugins on that channel.

I tried reinstalling Windows 7, Cubase, Waves, I tried every Microsoft Visual C++ installer (even using cubase without visal c++ libraries)

Couple infos: WIndows 7 is 64 bit, Cubase 5.5 is 32-bit, PC is Quad Core 2,67 Ghz, 4GB Ram,

Most important and frustrating thing is that, I’ve been using this DAW almost 3 years and nothing like this ever happened before. Now it’s suddenly crashing…

I have this PC connected to internet (with antivirus with up-to-date base)

This is crashing sometimes even with fresh new project after couple moves of insert or something.

Thanks in advance for help. otherwise, Im switching to MAC pro with Cubase 6

I have the same problem to. I can’t solved the problem. I have hp 6gb I5. I don’t what to do . All my waves pluging is crashing Cubase. If you know any thing let me know. Thanks