Cubase 5,5 license, + Cubase Elements 9 Help

Hi, maybe someone here can figure this out for me !

So i Installed the trail of cubase Elements 9 over 30 days ago, i was quite impressed after the 1st week so decided i want a full version of cubase and bought cubase 5 with cd licence and dongle off a friend who doesn’t use it anymore!

Ive installed it fine and registered the licence to my account, one thing ive found thats puzzled me is that im still able to use elements 9 even though tho the trial has expired ( and says so in my elicenser ) and can open my projects work on them and save them in elements 9, AI or Le

Am i right in saying that because i have the license to Cubase pro version 5 it has gained me access to the full version of Elemnets 9, AI and Le with this license ?

I plan to uprgade to Artist 9 in the future, but if i have Elements 9 i think id rather use that for now instead of cubase 5

Thanks for any Help


No, you’re probably using the emergency 24 hour license that’s granted to every Cubase buyer. Cubase 5 wouldn’t allow you to run Cubase Elements 9.

I STRONGLY recommend upgrading the Cubase 5 to Cubase Pro 9.5. It’s the same price as if you bought Cubase Elements and then upgraded it Artist, and offers many more features.

How does that explain why ive been able to use Elements And Ai version 9 for the last 2 week then ?

Ive actually sent Steinberg a ticket asking what my options are for upgrading, cash is a bit tight until later next year but ideally i would like cubase 9 pro if i can afford it !

thanks for the reply

Open the eLicenser Control Center. At the top there should be a license called “All Applications”, which also shows the remaining time. The time is only used when you run an application for which you don’t have a valid license. That’s probably how you’re still able to run Elements, and it will eventually stop working once you use all of the time left.

thanks for the info your right !

when i click on " all Applications " i have 12 hours remaining !

Do you think this will this be just for Elements or the AI and LE Version also ?

I guess i can use version 5 if thats the case which is great anyway just the appearance looks a bit dated after using Cubase 9

Once the time runs out, Elements will just stop working. Cubase AI and LE only work if you use an activation key that’s included with some audio hardware.