Cubase 5.5 Visual C++ Runtime Error crash??

Why does Cubase 5 crash on opening, with the message “Visual C++ Runtime Error. pgm: C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 5\Cubase 5.exe. Application has requested runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.”?
This happens on projects with larger track counts, with plugins processing many of the tracks. Has been happening consistently since I began using certain brands of plugins which install some sort of “Visual C++ 2005 redistributable” when I install them. What is the Visual C++ thing that installs when I install certain plugins?

Note that on smaller projects, I am able to open Cubase 5 and insert any of my plugins. But not larger projects. With the larger projects, if they do open, plugins from certain developers, Nomad Factory and Waves primarily, which I notice run this C++ redistributable on installation, will not instantiate.

Anyone know what’s going on, and how to fix it?

BTW, so glad to have found all of you again! First the forum closed, then recently I went on Steinbergusers, and it’s now just a Motif forum. Good thing there was a link here from the Steinberg site.

I must have searched on the wrong words before posting this.
I did another search on “runtime” and all the threads came up. Seems I’m not alone. Other users unable to open their projects without Cubase crashing.

Here are some workarounds I’ve stumbled upon, for anyone else frustrated by this:
1.) Open a smaller project or a template. Then open the project you’re having trouble opening, but when it asks if you want to activate the new project, select “No” and when it opens, delete any group tracks and folder tracks. The added complexity of the routing involved seems to promote these crashes. After deleting most group tracks, I was able then to open a project that had been crashing… and start mixing it all over. Save it under another name, just in case.

2.) Open the project in SX3. I’m able to open projects that crash Cubase 5 in SX3. When C5 projects open in SX3, all plugins are gone, all faders are set all the way down, and all panners are set full to one side. Save it under another name … and start mixing it all over.

3.) Restrict your mixing to using less sophisticated plugins. After instantiating newer plugins by Nomad Factory and Waves, which install some kind of Visual C++ Redistributable when I install them, my projects start crashing. I’m guessing the more sophisticated algorithms of newer plugins are a little too much to handle. Just a guess. I’m no expert. So another strategy is to remove all these plugins, … and start mixing it all over, with the plugins you thought sounded great 5 years ago, not the newest, hottest, best sounding ones you just got.


Do you have all necessary Visual C service packs installed?

I have run these three files:



Looks like the last is Service Pack 2.

BTW, I forgot to mention in my post above, if deleting folder tracks, move all your audio tracks out of them first. Otherwise that undo function will come in handy.

Update, if anyone is intersted.

I read up on the 3GB switch for Windows XP32 bit. I was running 2GB RAM and installed an additional 2GB last summer, and then a second CPU this fall. So I hadn’t activated the switch. After updating the ini file, the next time I opened Cubase 5, for the heck of it I decided to open one of the mixes which had previously crashed on opening.

It opened!! I was elated. I started instantiating some of the plugins (Waves signature series) that I’d recently bought. They instantiated! Things are working normally for now… except Nomad Factory ECHOES which still may or may not instantiate depending on which song I try to open it in. I have not had time to have a long mixing session so I don’ t know if after having the project open for a while, it would crash, but I save often.

The tracks on which I instantiated the new plugins, I’m freezing after I get them sounding the way I like, just to be safe. If the tracks are frozen, I’m hoping it will reduce any crashing in the future. And I’m also saving track presets once I get them sounding the way I like so I can quickly pull up all plugins with all settings on the next song I work on, and get a consistent sounding mix from one song to another. Or if I get a crash, I can simply reopen the project and apply my track presets to each track.

I wonder how much total memory XP 32 bit can address with the 3GB switch. Sounds like a total of 4 GB. That’s what I have in the computer now, but it has slots for installing up to another 4GB. I was going to install a full 8GB but not if it can’t access that much anyway.

I am also having the same problem with error coming on screen “R6034” + C++ error
Whats the solution pl. submit it as soon as possible.

well i just got myself new Session strings from NI and have the same problem. i cant open more then 3-4 new vst on one project.
do you think updating to artist 9.5 would resolve the problem?