Cubase 5.5 XP 32 to Cubase 6 Win 7 64 Transition

I am upgrading from Cubase 5.5 to 6. I am also upgrading OS from Win XP 32 bit to Win 7 64bit.

I have one computer dedicated to DAW. It has two removable hard drives - C: and D:. To make the transition from XP 32 to Win 7 64 safer and easier, we removed the hard drives of the XP 32 OS and put in two new hard drives. Then we loaded Win 7 64 on the two new hard drives. Everything else about the DAW workstation hardware stays the same. The Cubase dongle with cubase license info stays in the same usb slot in both OS environments.

We are constantly recording - everyday. During transition we use the two old hard drives during working (recording) hours. At night we put in the two new hard drives (Win 7 64), installing software and drivers, and testing. We want the new DAW under Win 7 64 completely tested before we pull the plug on the XP 32 OS environment. We use Cubase, UAD 2 Quad Flex, Powercore 6000, plus various VST’s. We must make sure it all works together before we leave completely the Xp 32 OS.

Question: Can we load Cubase 6 on the Win 7 64 OS - and - continue to use our Cubase 5.5 in the XP 32 environment until the Win 7 64 environment is up and fully tested?


As long as the dongle is plugged in you can run any version of Cubase from any connected drive.

That’s great news - Thanks!