Cubase 5/6 (32bit) and 16 gig memory (on OSX 10.6)

I use an older Mac Pro (dual quad core xeon) and I’ve got 16 gigabytes of memory installed, this model is unfortunately unable to run in 64bit.

How does the 32bit Cubase 5 or 6 make use of this memory in 10.6.6?

  • is it limited to 4 gigabytes due to its 32bits?
  • do/can large footprint plugins like NI Kontakt 4 and Spectrasonics Omisphere use their “own” 4 gigabytes?

Since VSTs are ported through the DAW, I don’t believe they can make use of their own separate memory. JBridge claims to be able to overcome this issue, but it’s only available for Windows machines. You might have luck if you are able to find a Mac equivalent of this.