Cubase 5 64 bit and Rewire 64 bit

64 bit rewire is now available ( with reason 6) , however it appears Cubase Studio 5 will not acknowledge 64 bit rewire when running CS5 in 64 bit on a 64 bit PC.

Please advise, also advise if 64 bit rewire will work in Cubase 5 64 bit, or Cubase 6 64 bit.



I’m also looking for some info. Have been googling, but not much comes up.

Is any Cubase version compatible with ReWire 64-bit and Reason 6 in 64-bit mode? If not, when can we expect the new ReWire to be implemented?


Rewire 64-bit will not come for Cubase 5, but for Cubase 6 with a feature update Rewire 64 bit will supported.



Chris, I think you meant future update, can you estimate when, also, same for Nuendo 5 , to come ? Thanks

Hello Indiscore,

Yes I ment “future” :wink: I’m sorry, but I cannot give a timeframe at the moment.



U neew jbridge + ReWire VST and u’re done - tested. Can not say it wark flawlessly but still it does well.