Cubase 5 alternate tunings? Lydian, Aeolian?


Years ago I would toy with alternative tunings on my acoustic guitar, most were my own creations intended to devise more melodic compositions etc… Question: In Cubase 5 is there a system setting somewhere that controls the global tuning of the program? If not, are there work-arounds? Is there software available to perform the task? Any thoughts appreciated.


What exactly is the Task?

Cubase is an audio/midi ‘recording’ software and is in itself totally oblivious to your tuning or chosen mode.
Exactly what aspect of Cubase are we dealing with here - Score? Tuner plugin? Variaudio or pitch correction?

I want my Midi keys to represent something different/other than the standard 12 note values/intervals… I’m not a trained musician so my language here is probably vague and possibly I’m phrasing this entirely wrong -you get my drift? I want to be able to choose those note values or use a pre-determined tuning (preset).

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Ah, now I get you, you’re talking about microtuning and such.
As I mentioned before, this has nothing to do with Cubase as it is a function of the instrument in question.

Luckily, there is a plugin included with Cubase (5 and higher) called Micro Tuner which allows you to do this for your MIDI keyboard input.

That sounds great. CNet has something for Mac, know of anything for Windows?

You’ve lost me again :confused:
Cubase 5 or higher comes with Micro Tuner. This works on both PC and Mac platforms.

Okay great. Sorry. I’ve never run across it or seen the term, I will look for it.


Aloha and +1

I use to (try and) use it.
Without much success I must say.

But now days with C7, I am really getting into Hermode tuning.
Not the same thing but very interesting.


Lydian, Aeolian etc AFAIK are ‘modes’. Not tunings.

After a bit of research in the Cubase manual I discovered that the MIDI transposition features are my best bet for altering the Keyboard information. I had assumed incorrectly that some of the modes like Dorian and Aeolian were interesting tunings. Dorian is essentially just a C-Major scale with a different tonic, the individual notes and intervals are standard issue. As I said previously, ultimately I would like to create my own scale of notes and intervals. I don’t know yet if the transposition options will allow for note by note changes or if I will be limited to changing a ‘set’ of notes that retain standard intervals etc…


BTW- What is Hermode tuning?

To put it simply, many instruments such as guitar for example do not exhibit perfect tuning. There have been numerous attempts to correct this with staggered fretting and scalloped fretboards (for stringed instruments) etc. Hermode tuning in Cubase attempts to correct for this in the software.

HA! Tell me about it. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Imagine B.B. King in perfect tune. NOT!

These programs do tend to make ‘perfection’ a possibility, however, music creates an emotional response that cares not for it… Off topic: I’ve been on a John Adams journey lately (Dharma at Big Sur, Guide To Strange Places, Harmonium, Harmonielehre, and Violin Concerto); his recent autobiography called Hallelujah Junction is excellent. He quips on all of the relevant composers and describes his gradual move toward tonality and harmony and away from the cerebral noodling of the Schoenberg school… He does ding Zappa a bit as having issues of ‘quality’ that have prevented his compositions from being adopted by major Orchestras as part of their programming.