Cubase 5 and East West PLAY issues


Anyone out there had problems using East West PLAY as a vst plug-in in Cubase 5/64-bit and if so, any advice, please, on dealing with it? I’ve finally got PLAY to work as a stand alone - not quite sure how as every prompt given threw up yet another problem to be resolved. It will open in Cubase, the path and .dll file are the ones given by the QL support page for PLAY and Cubase. It also accepts and plays files from the library (VOP and Silk) but Cubase produces a multiple, cascading error message when you close PLAY and then stops responding.

Any ideas greatly appreciated.

Newly installed Intel i7 960 processor, Gigabyte X58-USB mainboard, 8Gb RAM, OS - Windows 7 64-bit.
Cubase 5 64-bit. Other Software - Spectrasonics Omnisphere, Toontrack Superior 2.0, Kontakt 4, EthnoKeys 2.0.

I have the exact same problem. Running Win 7 64-bit as well.

Hi guys,

I am sorry I attend this forum not very often; I could have helped you with this one. I figured it out long time ago. - If you want to shut off the window of your EW instrument, DON"T click on its little cross on its own corner, but use the function “edit instrument” within the Inspector (left vertical column in Cubase; you might want to call it up first by pressing the corresponding button on the toolbar). That “edit instrument” button looks like a really tiny keyboard-like square, which becomes yellow when active. Using it you will call up and shut off the window of any plug-in instrument, including EW Play.

I remember reading something about infamous Gigastudio 3 in the past. I really liked what one guy told about dealing with constant crashes and BSODs related to Gigastudio:
there are no two identical computers - even if their specs are the same, and a piece of software might behave differently on a different machine; you still have to find your way around. Don’t try to fight the entire monster; if only one solution is available, try to find it - and stick with it! If this works all the time, you are fine. :slight_smile:

I think the glitch with EW instruments and Cubase exists on every single W7 PC… But the way of handling this works every single time. :slight_smile: I hope this would help.

My solution was to leave the PLAY browser open, in a corner of the monitor–once it’s open, NEVER close it!

Not ideal, but it works to prevent crashes.

Thanks guys. Your work-around works great. Anyone with Cubase 6 know if the problem persists?

Hi guys!

Which version of Play are you using? I couldn’t reproduce this error with the newest Play 3.0.30 in either Cubase 5 or 6.