Cubase 5 and inverse velocity

Hello People,

i am experiencing a really weird problem that maybe someone can help me to fix.
For some reasons trying to play a vst instrument resolves in playing a louder note when i press gently and softer notes when i press more heavely the keyboard, exactly inverting the velocity of the notes.

I can see the same issue even recording as the notes keep the same behaviour as i am playing
I have tried enabling and disabling sysex and playing with the settings in cubase, but no luck so far.

I have only the midi out from my fatar going trough my emu 0404-

thanks for any help

i am on win 7 64 bit

I don’t have an answer for you, but what I would do personally is do some troubleshooting…1st thing by using another midi device/keyboard for your input. This will at least tell you if it’s Cubase or your keyboard.