Cubase 5 and Lion-please help

Hi I am currently using Version I have learned that Apple is not going to support iweb anymore. And they are telling me to upgrade to Lion and ICloud.

So…I am worried that upgrading to Lion will cause me problems with C5 and some of my plugins.

Can someone please tell me will the following will be usable on C5 LION?

Groove Agent, Halion 3, East/West Quantum leap products?

IF not , what are my options?

I am assuming that if I upgrade to LION then I would have to buy Cubase 6? Is that correct?

If I upgrade to LION, will the above plugins work???

If I don’t upgrade to LION, am I going to be stuck with a bunch of plugins that don’t work?
Which option will create the least headache and pain and suffering?

Many thanks Jeff

Can somebody please advise me on this post?

Thanks Jeff

Aloha J,

Just a suggestion,

If all is working well, why not just keep the rig you have right now?

Don’t upgrade/date anything and keep making music.

If you want to do other non-DAW computer stuff (iWeb, games, word processing etc),
just get another (cheap) 'puter for just that purpose.

Leave your main computer for music making only.


the main change on from Snow Leopard to Lios is that Lios does not support rosetta environment, which means that older plugins made for pre OSX 10.6 (10.5 and below) won’t work anymore.

As far as I know from a general perspective, the mentiones plugins shouldn’t be a problem when upgrading to Lion. All should keep working perfectly (in theory).
My own practce can only confirm GrooveAgent