Cubase 5/ Are you at 32 or 64 bit?/ moving to Win 7

I will be updating from Windows XP Pro to Windows 7. I am wondering if 64 bit will be the best way to to. My concerns is my UAD 1 plug in’s mostly. I don’t expect Cubase issues with 64 bit Or with my Waves plug in’s as I am on Waves version 7. However I am concerned with third party software.

Please advise if the issues you have had with 64 bit. My midi man box does not have software for Windows 7 so I will have to buy a newer midi box for my keyboard for one.


I have just recently done the same upgrade and some 32bit plugins work using Steinbergs VSTbridge, others don’t.
I have read thatJbridge will be much better for bridging 32bit plugins, and I will most likely buy that, it’s not expensive at all.
Also, you can install both versions of Cubase, 32bit and 64 bit and have thme both installed at the same time.
I haven’t done that, though, since I still have Cubase ES 4 installed as my 32bit Cubase.

My main (and only) reason for going 64bit was the RAM issue. I have some Toontrack drum sample libraries that need quite some RAM, and in my old 32bit system, Cubase crashed sometimes because of too much RAM being loaded.