Cubase 5 Automap Malfunction (Knob Changes not being recorded)

So recently, I installed Cubase 5 on Windows 10, and decided to start using my Novation “ReMOTE 37 SL” with Automap. I went to the website, downloaded the installer, and ran the installation as well as the setup per instructions. However, when I went into Cubase, and tried to record some cutoff changes, and make a sweep with Massive, it didn’t record the changes into the overlaying track. Of course, it was changing the sound, but when I played it back, it wasn’t changing at all, and the overlaying track was empty, and had deleted itself. I have tried simply reinstalling Automap, but that did not work. I still have the same problem. I hope I can fix this, and I would be happy with any help. Thanks in advance!